As we head towards our 5th Anniversary, which we will be celebrating with a special event before the end of this year, I thought I should explain why AFCAT has remained silent for so long this year. Apart from the opportunity to engage with ex England team manager, Roy Hodgson, in May when he conducted a great session on defending with the Melbourne City Youth squad followed by a Q and A and the visit of UEFA Pro Licence Coach Ronnie Schneider in June, we have decided to put all future sessions on hold due to ongoing discussions with FFA and FFV.

It all began after our end of year (2016) seminar at Bulleen when we had a cracking day with guest presenters Eric Abrams- FFA Technical Director, Ron Smith and Stuart Munro. Eric was very impressed with our organisation and what we are attempting to do with supporting coach education here in Victoria. It was Eric who instigated the discussion regarding formalising some kind of partnership/ relationship between AFCAT and FFA to assist in delivering certain components of the National Curriculum throughout the football community both in Victoria and across he whole country and more importantly, delivering our own agenda of coach education workshops/ information sessions, as we have been doing since October 2012.

This would mean that we would access the database of ALL coaches throughout Australia to advertise future sessions and present our information and programs to a greater audience. We would also have access to FFA staff to present to our members on topics of interest.

We have many sessions lined up from local practical sessions to overseas video conferences and possible visits but with the support of FFA it will mean we can present to a wider audience and therefore have chosen to put things on hold till we can reach an agreement.

Our loyal members who have stuck with us since day one have been magnificent in their support but to grow as an organisation and have the ability to attract higher profile presenters and stage larger activities, we are exploring the support from FFA and all the other states and are pushing for a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to be agreed upon.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks, we thank you for your patience.