This is a fascinating book looking at so many case studies of professional footballers, in the UK and internationally and the effect on their lives, when they either choose themselves to retire or are forced to give up playing the game through many different situations. Players such as David Bentley, Pat Nevin, Tony Adams, Lee Bowyer, David Busst, Geoff Thomas, Jody Craddock, Mark Ward, Espen Baardsen, Matt Holland, Gary Stevens and many more who did not want to be named, opened up and told their own stories regarding an insight into life as a retired professional footballer. Their honesty and experiences were crucial in piecing together the life of a retired footballer.

Looking at some of the chapter headings will give you an indication of the interesting content this book delves into and from our local scene here, similarities can be drawn to indicate some issues can effect part time and community players just as much as full time professional ones so this book is appropriate to all levels of footballers.

Chapters include-

How Do Retired Footballers Go Bankrupt

How Do Retired Footballers End Up In Prison


Mental Health

A Fresh Start

Staying In The Game

It is very apparent that nothing can really fill the void left from no longer playing football, both professionally, semi professionally or casually if a player does not have another passion or ideas to pursue.

The one quote that sticks out for me from the book is a comment made by Pat Nevin. If more young players had been told this on signing their first contract at 16 before being released at 19 or 20 then some lives may have been helped...or even saved!!

" Being a footballer is what I did, it is not who I am"!