Former Melbourne Victory player Simon Storey has come up with a great new concept and offers much needed help to players of all levels.

Having played professionally in Australia, UK and Asia, semi-professionally in Australia, and with experience as a head physio of an A-League team, Simon has personally been able to see the varying levels of medical care and expertise available and afforded within different set ups.  Which is why, with CEED Online Physio, he is delighted to be able to provide players (and patients in general) with a professional level of care, no matter where they are or what level they are playing.

The CEED team of highly trained Australian physios have experience both competitively as and clinically with high level athletes from all over the world, who clearly benefit from a more personalised, accessible and professional service, ensuring the best results.

The aim of CEED Online Physio is to provide a level of service appropriate for a professional athlete – empowering them with thorough diagnosis, education, techniques, rehab guidance, advice, daily contact and adjustments to their program as required.

CEED's goal is to support players every step of the way back to full fitness as quickly as possible and provide them the set up to prevent re-injury.

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