STILLNESS and SPEED- MY STORY  by Dennis Bergkamp

One of the greatest foreign imports in the first years of the English Premier League now tells us about his thoughts, feelings and more recently, aspirations as a coach having won almost everything as a player and having entertained so many with such memorable feats of skill.

My most vivid memory of Bergkamp was the amazing goal he scored against Newcastle at St.James Park in March 2002 when facing away from goal, marked tightly by a Newcastle defender and receiving a pass from team mate Pires on the edge of the penalty box. In one movement of sheer brilliance he moved the ball with his left foot one side of the defender, turned the opposite side of the defender, retrieved the ball beyond the bemused defender and with a one touch finish calmed stroked the ball into the corner of the net. After the game when asked by Match of the Day commentator if he meant it, his reply was a calm.." Of course"!!! Brilliant.

When you read his book you will understand how the man thinks and how everything he achieved in his glittering playing career came about due to planning and hard work. From his start in Holland to his move to Italy then finally onto Arsenal where he developed into one of the EPL greatest players, the book gives a great insight into the player and man who appeared so cold and clinical but who could blow up at times.

When he first started to play golf at Arsenal he shot around 180!!! He was hopeless. However he set his mind to the fact he wanted to improve and master the sport. Through practice, practice and more practice and his sheer desire to succeed he even got his handicap down to single figures in time!!! If he enjoyed the sport, he would make sure to become a master of it. That is the sort of character he was in football. He made sure he would be a top class player.

The book not only highlights his playing experiences but we see and hear about the person. What makes him tick. His thoughts, feelings and emotions behind his story. It is a fascinating look and a wonderful opportunity for football fans to understand the real Dennis Bergkamp.

He retired from Arsenal in 2006 and began his fast tracking coaching career program with the Dutch FA in 2007 and then began coaching the U12s at Ajax- what an opportunity for the young players of Ajax to learn from someone like Bergkamp!!

The book is  a must read for any football coach. It even has a local connection with many references to Melbourne City Head Coach Jon Van't Schip, a team mate of his through the local and international scene in Holland.