Jurgen Klopp has made such an impression in the EPL in recent times with Liverpool but my interest in him goes back many years prior when I first followed his career with his magnificient work with the German side Dortmund. I loved the style of play he brought to Dortmund watching the Bundesliga highlights every week and marveling at the attacking style and pressing game he developed.

This book takes us through the various stages of Klopp's footballing life and clearly shows just how much he loves the game!! It chronicles how he started as a youth player in Glatten, then becomes a second division professional player;it explores his switch to management and then gives a great insight into his next decade and a half of football management, during which he has created a persona , as big as Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte and any of the other foreign managers who have so far graced the EPL.

Jurgen Klopp is definately one of the leading football managers currently in the game and also one with much more yet to give. As he said himself in 2011 after winning the Bundesliga title with Dortmund-"winning the title was like winning a stage in the Tour de France. There will be many more challenges for Klopp before he finally reaches the Champs-Elysees, but this is a managerial career whose upward curve feels inevitable.

This book will explore the rise and rise of this remarkable manager- a life that began in an idyllically situated spa town in the Black Forest.

This is  a great read and one, I believe, should be on the list of any coach, young or old, looking for that special bit of information that may just help you understand football more and admire more Klopp's achievements.