For 15 lucky AFCAT members, Wednesday July 22nd will be a great occasion. AFCAT is proud to announce a special workshop has been organised, on that day, in conjunction with Melbourne City and Manchester City's City Football Services department at the new $15 million dollar training facility at Latrobe University.

We have arranged for Manchester City Assistant Coach , Brian Kidd and Manchester City Head of Human Performance, Sam Erith to present a workshop to a small group of selected local coaches including our lucky AFCAT members. Both bring rarely available expertise and experience to football performance and preparation.

The 15 lucky AFCAT members won the opportunity to attend the workshop being first to register after we had confirmation regarding the late access to Brian and Sam. AFCAT would like to thank Melbourne City Football Manager, John Didulica, for his work and efforts to bring this event to fruition. I am sure it will be a most memorable event.